Thursday, December 29, 2011

Loneliness in a crowd

Its an empty feeling that comes from within,
A deep desire to share my feelings but no one will listen,
I reach out for open arms, but nobody is there,
My tears fall to the ground, but nobody cares.

I pick up the phone, but have no one to call,
I feel overwhelmed; my mind is a crawl,
I lay in my bed in the light of the moon,
Just so I don't see those who aren't there for me through.

The flames spark inside me and heat up my fear,
My thoughts are suicidal, my days seem near,
Emotional fires burn up in my head,
Fires of love and pain and regret.

Consumed in my own darkness, I will slowly fade away
My once blue and sunny sky will someday turn to clouds of gray.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Distance can't keep us apart

I won't let the distance between us,
keep our love apart,
Listen close and you'll hear,
The heavy beating of my heart.

No distance will keep,
My heart from loving you,
There are a large distance to leap,
But the steps are hardly few.

We will be together..
some day soon.
To love one another everyday,
And then my heart will sing a tune.

I've finally found my soul mate,
As true as one can be,
And now your all I'm thinking of,
to forever stay with me

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I wana run away

There are millions of people in the world, 
yet I feel like I'm alone
And even though I try to do it right,
everyone seems to see me wrong.
So I rush out in rage,
though what I say is never heard.
Coz I've learned to turn my heart,
& swallow all these hateful words.

But I'm getting tired now
& I can only take so much
Coz with everything that happens
my soul is slowly being touched

I make others laugh 
just to escape all my pain
But every time I'm down 
no one's there to do the same

So I sit back and relax, 
while I nurse all my wounds
As I lay terribly depressed 
in a dark cramped-up room

Somehow this little balled up aggression
Is slowly changing into an even bigger depression
Something I can't take and can't shake

I've now acquired too many emotions to ever explain
It feels like there's demons as well as angels 
are fighting for control of my pain

For some strange reason 
my heart is being pulled in opposite directions
One has the side of good 
and the other knows no affection

And I can't explain the way I feel, 
I just know I feel this way
From the second that I wake, 
till the time I end my day

Although I enjoy life 
and try my best to learn it's lessons
I just wish someone could teach me 
to escape this Great Depression.