Thursday, December 29, 2011

Loneliness in a crowd

Its an empty feeling that comes from within,
A deep desire to share my feelings but no one will listen,
I reach out for open arms, but nobody is there,
My tears fall to the ground, but nobody cares.

I pick up the phone, but have no one to call,
I feel overwhelmed; my mind is a crawl,
I lay in my bed in the light of the moon,
Just so I don't see those who aren't there for me through.

The flames spark inside me and heat up my fear,
My thoughts are suicidal, my days seem near,
Emotional fires burn up in my head,
Fires of love and pain and regret.

Consumed in my own darkness, I will slowly fade away
My once blue and sunny sky will someday turn to clouds of gray.

1 comment:

merwynsrucksack said...

nice poem, but why so sad :(
pls dont be